Are you worth fighting for?
Never needed

es ist ja schon eine Ewigkeit her, seitdem ich das letzte mal gebloggt hab *shame on me!* Aber nunja, hier bin ich also wieder! (nein, gebt es auf, ihr werdet mich so schnell nicht mehr los )

Never needed

not yet.
never more
it's over
feelings are off
i'll never cry again for you
hate to feel to
but i wont deny
i cried for you
but i did it
cause you hurted
not me
not my heart
not even my soul.
you hurted my pride
and this hateable pride made me cry
not you
not my love
cause it was never strong enough.
you weren't anybody
you were this special somebody
a somebody
wich didn't deserve me.
wich never has.
so go away suffer in your narcissim.
I don't need you anymore
in fact
I've never needed you
even not enough to love you.

6.9.10 22:38

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