Are you worth fighting for?
what I'm screamin' for

I try to stay in silence
but I'm breakin every sience
I'm the one to brake the rules
like noone else ever does.
I'm not born for that part of live
I'm not born for the rul eof the quiet wife.
I'm here to sing what I couln't say
I'm here to scream for what I pray
It's the silence, wich's nearly killin' me
It's the words I'm not able to say to thee.
I'm afraid, so afraid
I'm lost in my lonely soul
But the word's I've praid
where a big fool
I ever lived in a silent fear
Just to please you, my dear

But now I start to sream
I sream out everything
I'm livin' for
I scream for all the things
I'm dyin for
I scream for me
And I scream fro the love of thee
I scream for my new dentify
And screamin's a drug, stronger than extasy
Cause it makes you feelin' free
free for thinkin just 'bout you 'n me

So you ever wished I would say what I think
But you never wanted to know that I was suffering
And right now I scream to ya face
With my words, I scream down you grace
I scream all against the rules
I scream awaay all our fools
Because I screm to thee
I scream
cause screamin is the only healin' for me

8.9.10 12:06

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