Are you worth fighting for?
It has still changed

and theres no future
no furure at all
we hang onto the pat
hang onto our love
knowing there wont be anything left
not the smallest thing
beside hurted feelings
between all the pain
all the things we thought we knew.
and then,
I just think I don't know what love really is
I think I don't know what we really do
or who we really are.
sometimes I feel this is just a lie
a lie to comfort us
a lie to paste our time
and then I feel like I'm drowning
in thefeelings in the pain
and everytie I look at you
just if  Itry
sadness makes me feel
like I can't take any breath
like there is no air
like thres nothing
nothing in me
just empyness
just these hole
in me
right there in my chest
And then I'm not able to feel anything
but this cold
this ice
this terrible, frozen pein
a frozen body
my frozen body
And I'm not able to admit it
but it still has changed
it still has ended
the feeling of love is still soaked from all the pain.



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25.2.13 11:53

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